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Death Of A King

Death of a King - Andrew H. Vanderwal

This is definitely a unique story line I felt it was geared more towards tweens and if you are a fan of the Ranger’s Apprentice then I think this story will quickly suck you in. Death of a King takes readers to the Scottish Late Middle Ages with a time-travel twist. I feel this aspect could totally have been taken out, and the story, with all of its rich historical content and placing Alex directly in the late thirteenth century, would have still made for a phenomenal read. The author, Andrew H. Vanderwal, includes just enough Scottish accent to give culture to the context but not to the point of causing difficulties when reading. If you have watched enough movies or know even the faintest about Scottish history, you will be enamored at the world building and story line that easily flow from cover to cover.

“Scraps? Save them for the pigs. The lad’s entitled to something decent once in a while.”

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