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The Reluctant Jesus

The Reluctant Jesus, Duncan Whitead, Book ReviewWhile the cover might deceive you as some self-help, I’m at the bottom of my luck, whom do I turn too, religious guide, one turn of the book and you quickly will find that you just might have to read the synopsis twice to make sure you read it right. Yes, Seth Miller, thirty-two year old architect bachelor is quite contently living the good life in New York’s Greenwich Village. That is until his mother informs him he is the son of God and the coming of Christ. Crazy parents, an error in the Bible, a phone call from God who just wants to retire and carry out other business adventure with Lucifer, and before you know it, Seth is taking on this role just in time for the encroaching Armageddon. Accompanied by a talking cat, his best friend Bob Nancy, whose wife is named Nancy, a disciple named Maggie, and a guardian angel with a penchant for hood rap, and you have this off-beat and cynical story that you know could only have come from the mind of one man; Duncan Whitehead.


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